Thursday, May 26, 2011

This is not your average summer class...

Welcome to the "class project" of mostly music therapy students studying abroad in Thailand this summer. I have been traveling between the US and Thailand for the last three years to help establish clinical programs and a Master's degree in Music Therapy at Mahidol University, College of Music in Bangkok. During my first trip here in June 2008, I realized that this would be an incredible journey and that establishing regular opportunities for students to observe and engage in the growth and development of music therapy here would be a unique and rich experience. Our first group of four students studying music therapy in the US came to Thailand in January 2009, followed by a group of five students in July 2009. This summer I will be joined by nine students from four different universities AND our first non-music therapy major.

As part of their course assignments students will be blogging on the various experiences of their five-week trip. We spend most of the week doing clinical work in the Bangkok area and then spend long weekends traveling the country. The purpose of this blog is to give you a student's eye view of the whole experience as it unfolds. Please comment and ask questions often as it is part of each student's assignment to read and respond to feedback. We look forward to having you on our journey.


  1. Wonderful! I am somewhat addicted to my google reader, and this might become my new favorite blog! It might help for the students to introduce themselves (at least by name) when they post. It's kind of awkward for me to be commenting to someone that I don't know their name, at least.

  2. What a great opportunity you have to experience music therapy in another culture! I had a similar experience three years ago when I traveled to China and worked as a music therapist in an orphanage for a month! I look forward to reading about your perspectives and adventures! Have a wonderful time! Debi Kret-Melton, MM, MT-BC, NMT